Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Left Feet :)

We were heading out this morning to see the base... wanted to show Mom where we spend a lot of our time. She went to the door to put on her shoes and realized that she had packed two different left-footed sandals! We laughed 'til our sides hurt. She's such a good sport. I would have been screaming! We put in an emergency call to Jill back in NY and asked her to go to Mom's apartment, pick up the right "right" shoe, and Priority mail it ASAP. Luckily Mom and I wear the same size shoes. :)

Once we had Mom in a pair of my Tevas, we set out to see the base and visited the tour office there. We booked a tour to the city of Enna for their famous Good Friday processional. Sadly, we also had to have them process our refund for the Baglieri Winery tour we were supposed to be going to on Thursday, since they called us earlier this morning to explain that the tour had been cancelled. Again, Mom is such a good sport. I've been bummed about it all day...

After errands, we took Mom out for her first Italian meal. She went for the Rigatoni alla Norma, a favorite of Olivia's with lots of eggplant. She had her first espresso, too. :)

Tomorrow we're off to the early-morning market in Motta Sant'Anastasia and then we're thinking to head to the Condorelli chocolate bar in Belpasso. Yes, a chocolate bar!


  1. Sounds like you all had a fun first day--with the promise of many more to come. Looking forward to hearing about the chocolate bar! Everyone looks so happy to be together :) Tell Sienna I love her bangs. She totally looks older!

  2. i didn't notice the bangs till i read jen's comment. i like them too! wish i could be there, too! hopefully i'll get there b/f you all move on to your next country!!!

  3. WOW! All you girls look like you are really enjoying yourselves and each other!! keep on having fun!!