Sunday, April 10, 2011

She's almost here!

Some time during my mother's layover in Chicago while she waited on her flight to Rome, we got the idea to start a blog so friends and family could follow our 23-day Italian adventure. Words cannot express how excited I am to meet her at the airport tomorrow! All four of us (Don, me, Olivia and Sienna) will be there at Arrivals to greet her. We're planning a quiet late afternoon/evening at home. We're guessing she'll be tired after the long trip. :) Don's already planning dinner on the grill, and I've got the wine ready...

We hope to gather up a bunch of followers, but even if we don't, this will at least be a very nice diary of our time together in Italy for us to look back on once it's over. We don't see each other nearly enough. Most anyone who's reading this already knows, but just in case... my family of four lives in Italy. We've been here for about eight months so far. About 28 more months to go. So far, the only visitor we've had is my sister, Jennifer. She was here in November, and after she left, Italy felt more like home than it had before she was here. I'm hoping that once I can associate places here in Italy (and even our own home on the military base we are living at) with my mother, that feeling of "home" will grow even more. Hurry up and get here, Mom!


  1. I am sitting in Chicago airport awaiting my flight... I've already been here for hours and still have a bit of a wait. but considering that I am flying free on air miles I think I can handle it! I am very excited to see Kristen , Don, Olivia and Sienna. Kristen has made some fantastic plans for my 23 day visit but honestly of all the sights I am most excited to see it will be my first born! S he truly my "touch tone". Kids just shouldn't live so far from home!

  2. I'm so excited to see this in the works. I can only imagine the adventure that lies befor you two and look forward to following along the way. Travel safely Mom and rest when you can! Kristen was sharing your upcoming plans--you two will be moving! :) Love you both, Jen

  3. Sitting in 32 degree weather on a misty, dark Tuesday morning moves a tinge of jealousy in Harpursville, New York. You think??? I can just imagine the beautiful countryside and people that you are encountering, let alone the precious memories you are creating with your daughter and her family.Your family is one that emits the aura of true love and compassion. You are one lucky girl!!! No need to tell you to savor this moment, because there is little doubt...Enjoy and keep in touch!!!