Wednesday, April 13, 2011

La Dolce Vita

A not-so-clear view of Mt. Etna from the top of Motta.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day and set out for the market in Motta Sant'Anastasia as we had planned. As we traveled up the hill to the top of Motta, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We were looking very American, for sure, in our flip flops. :) We found some great stuff, though. Mom helped me pick out a pasta bowl set, a serving bowl and a platter from the pottery guy. I got all seven pieces for 35 Euro. They're stamped with "Williams-Sonoma 2008" on the bottom, and when we got home we did a quick search and found that the pieces sell for much more. The platter itself goes for $79!

Next stop was Auchan - Italy's version of Walmart. Mom was impressed with the wine section there. We grabbed some snacks (yes, Beth, we found your lemon cookies!) and some things for dinner and then headed out for the highlight stop of the day - the Condorelli Chocolate Bar in Belpasso, where we ate dessert for lunch!

The chocolate bar was IMPRESSIVE. Cases and cases of chocolates, truffles, candies, etc. and many more filled with an amazing assortment of pastries. We chose a bunch of different things - some chocolates, but also some pistachio, blueberry and strawberry treats as well. We wandered home on some back roads and Mom and Liv had me stop so they could take some photos. Mom even managed to snap a shot of one of the flocks of "geep" which graze in the farmlands around our housing area.


  1. what a great entry--i'm thinking i wish i knew about that chocolate bar when i was there! :) love all the photos, keep them coming. love you

  2. Kristen, I hope you don't mind me tagging along, I love following you and your mom's visit. I wish I could have shared our time overseas with family the way you are. Enjoy!

  3. lemon cookies! YES!!!! these pictures are beautiful. stunning. they look like pages from a calendar.