Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's really all about the FOOD...

After six years living in Japan, and now almost one living in Italy, I have found that many of the photos I take are pictures of FOOD. Well, and some drinks, too. :)  I think it's ironic that when I was younger and could eat anything I wanted, I was never very hungry, but now that I'm older and need to watch what I eat... Well, you could say I watch what I'm eating (or want to BE eating!) a lot. My mother often remarks that she can't believe how long it took her to discover her love for cheese. Italy is definitely a place to celebrate her love for cheese!

On Tuesday, we joined some of the women from the officers' spouses' club on base for lunch at a working farm. The sheer amount of food we were served was incredible. We started with a very large antipasto course, served family style. Next came two pasta courses - spaghetti a la norma and spinach lasagna, and then the meat course - beef involtini and something (can't remember what) wrapped in pancetta. Lastly, there was a fresh ricotta cheesecake topped with strawberries. And of course, plenty of vino rosso. :)

Mom is becoming quite the food photographer herself. :)  Enjoy the photos. Wish we could share the real thing with you!








  1. everything looks so delicious! and the wine glasses are HUGE!

  2. why no picture of the cheesecake?!

  3. The food was our best memory of Italy as well. In fact, I bought 5 cookbooks to copy the European cuisine. Italy was the best and Americans have no idea what real Italian food tastes like. We have pictures of Italian food as well.
    Karen & Bernie