Monday, April 11, 2011

Benvenuta Beeba!

She's finally here! We're pretty sure her plane flew right over our car on our way to the airport. :) At the airport, Olivia and I split up to cover all the Arrivals exits. There's one for EU citizens, and one for non-EU citizens. But then... we're in Italy, where no one's really all that worried about much of anything at the airport! So she ended up coming out the EU citizen exit, and told us that no one even looked at her passport! As I'm writing this, she also wanted me to note that she almost slept through the boarding calls for her flight to Sicily. She fell asleep at the gate and were it not for a little old lady who woke her up, she'd have missed her flight for sure! We're so happy to see her! We've already had two cups of coffee and we're hoping to keep her awake long enough to make the switch to vino in an hour or so. More to come...


  1. woo hoo! been watching for this update all morning. love you all

  2. excited to see how this adventure unfolds