Sunday, April 24, 2011

Italy Trip PART TWO!

In about seven hours, Mom and I will fly from Catania to Venice to start our 9-day trip to Venice, Florence, Siena and Rome. Here's how our trip looks:

Venice - April 25-27
Florence - April 27-29
Siena - April 29-May 2
Rome - May 2-3

We're flying to Venice, taking the train from Venice to Florence, taking a bus from Florence to Siena, and then another bus from Siena to Rome. If our plane takes off on time, we'll be at the airport in Venice by 8:30 AM, and on the Alilaguna water taxi to St. Mark's Square soon after that. A few days ago, the weather reports were calling for showers on an off from Monday to Wednesday in Venice. But today, when we looked again, there was no rain in the forecast - sun and in the low 70s. That's the report we've decided to listen to. :)

If you want to check out where we're staying, you can check out the hotel links above. We will try and post occasionally, but after much going back and forth, I've decided NOT to tote the laptop around with me all week. We'll do our best with what's available at the hotels, and will certainly catch everyone up as soon as we can.

See you in Venice!

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