Saturday, April 23, 2011

An early Easter dinner with friends

Another beautiful morning in Sicily! Sunny skies, warm air. We took Mom with us to Borgo Antico, an agriturismo, in Mineo, which is about a 25-minute drive from where we live. We've been to Borgo Antico before and couldn't wait to take Mom there. They serve authentic Sicilian foods, and once you're seated at the table, the food just keeps coming and coming. Mom was counting the dishes during the antipasto course - I think we lost count around 15 or so. Like me, Mom loved the antipasto course best. Her favorites were a parmesan and pecorino cheese salad, and sliced cheese with eggplant marmalade. Yes, eggplant marmalade! I'll definitely be shipping that to her from now on. :)

At Borgo Antico, we met up with a group of families from Sigonella, and some of the ladies were sweet enough to hide eggs in one of the wooded yards. We took a break after the first pasta course and took the kids outside for their egg hunt. Then it was back inside for a second pasta course, the meat course (two different chicken dishes,) salad, dessert, espresso and limoncello.

Believe it or not, we don't have many food pictures from this feast. Mom joked that the food was coming too fast for her and the camera to keep up with it all. Guess you'll have to settle for some of us. :)

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